Hot Tubs for Sale

Hot Tub Jet PatternsWe sell West Coast Spas because they are the best hot tubs for sale today!

They are built in Oregon by a family-owned company that does business how we like. They are all about customer service and excellent workmanship. They build a quality product with all the best parts available. All of the hot tubs, from the Economy line through the Luxury line are built with the very same quality components and materials. Economy hot tubs will have fewer parts and pumps, less labor and therefore lower cost. Our flagship hot tubs are packed tight with features and components. We are proud of every hot tub we sell and the hot tub that is -best- is the one that serves your purposes and desires.

Each hot tub is built to order and tested before it is delivered. The time from order date to delivery runs between 3-5 weeks.

All of our prices include:

Complete delivery and set-up, your choice of colors, a cover, filter, chemical starter kit, free lesson on maintaining your hot tub, and our famous post-sale service!

When you order a West Coast Spa you can choose from a wide range of Lucite shell colors, synthetic cabinetry options, and 14 colors for the cover.

Your hot tub will have a solid ABS bottom and be insulated with a radiant barrier

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E Series
The E-Series include 12-24 jets, a spa light, ABS bottom, and a digital pack.

LX Series
The LX Series includes: 50-75 jets, LED light package, 2-3 pumps, Ozone, ABS bottom, and a digital pack.

DX Series
The DX Series include 35-50 jets, LED light package, 2 pumps, Ozone, ABS bottom, and a digital pack.

Hot Tub Parts and Accessories
We include the most common parts and accessories with our hot tubs. Learn more!

Swim Spa Line
Variable speed swim spa system allowing the swimmer options for a variety of exercise options at home.