About Us

Jeb and I moved from Arizona with our toddlers, Rebekah and Levi, to Plain in 2000 to house-parent at Alpine Boy’s Ranch. We fell in love with this beautiful place and the community so when our jobs at ABR came to an end we looked for needs in the service industry. No one who has lived here wants to leave our valley! Hot tub water maintenance was a need and so in 2002 Sparkling Spas was born. We successfully lived up to our motto,”Take the headache out of your spa!” by keeping the water clean, but playing only one part of the process wasn’t enough for us.

So… we integrated vertically and found a spa brand that we would be proud to sell and maintain. In 2008, we began selling hot tubs and making sure our customers enjoy every part of spa ownership. Up until now we have had our office in our home and have been very busy raising our super fun kids. But, they grow up and leave home and, guess what? Mom doesn’t want to stay home by herself, so the shop is now open!

Please come in and meet us. We are conveniently located right here in Leavenworth!